Emergency Care Services

A U.S. Complete Care pharmacist is available to all contracted facilities 24/7/365. Our clinical pharmacists will answer any medication questions and process emergency orders for prompt around the clock stat delivery.

Skilled Facility Emergency Care Solutions

US Complete Care ensures our clients have the safest medication management plan in place. That is why we partner with Capsa Healthcare to install the unique NexsysADC automated dispensing cabinets in our supported skilled care facilities. NexsysADC is a Track & Trace system that stores and safeguards commonly used medications and controls in unit dose form, so the right starter dose or narcotic is onsite when your residents need it.

  • *Secure access. At all times, you know what medications are inside each NexsysADC, who is accessing, what medication is pulled for a specific patient or procedure, and inventory levels.

  • *Tamper-evident hardware and software deter diversion and misplacement.
  • Infinitely safer, faster, and more efficient than manual ‘tackle box’ methods for Stat doses/starter doses/E-Kits.

  • *Cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant system provides 24/7 access to inventory information, user tracking, electronic ordering, and integration with your pharmacy software systems.

  • *Flexible configurations with locking Controlled Access Modules (CAMs) to automate controlled or high-value medications; and open cell medication bins and supply drawers for routine meds and supplies. Pick-to-light and guided access help the nurse access only the right dose immediately.

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