DMSES Accredited Facility

Diabetes is a complex disease that affects over 37 million people in the United States alone.  There are also an estimated 96 million Americans with prediabetes.  USCC is accredited by the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists as a Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) provider. Our diabetes care and education specialist will work with you to develop a diabetes management plan that fits your lifestyle.  We will educate you on the importance of making healthy choices, maintaining an active lifestyle, and taking your medications as prescribed.  We will help you learn to use devices such as meters, insulin pens, pumps, and continuous glucose monitoring devices. 

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

  • We provide on-site individual or group education with one of our friendly Clinical Trained Pharmacists. 
  • Benefits:
    • Healthy eating advice
    • Improved hemoglobin A1c levels
    • Improved blood glucose levels
    • Improved blood pressure control
    • Improved cholesterol levels
    • Support Systems
    • Improved coping skills
    • Reduced risk of complications
    • Reduction in emergency room visits
    • Higher rates of medication adherence leading to better diabetes control
    • Increased physical activity
    • Decreased health care costs and hospital admissions
    • Access to cost-savings programs
  • DSMES training is covered by Medicare Part B (deductibles and co-insurance may apply)
  • Call (800)  358-8838 for more information.

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